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Since version 2.2.12 for eventon you can activate addon licenses and get auto updates just like how you would for main plugin.


How to download updates without auto update feature

Go to my account downloads in your my eventon account and in there you should see latest versions of your purchased addons available for download.



1.0 How to activate addons & get auto updates

Go to my account and in the Licenses tab you can view all the available licenses you have purchased.

NOTE: You can also find the license keys in the order email you received when you order the addon


Copy this along with activation email and go to your site and myEventON> Addons & Licenses and under the addon you want to activate click  Activate Now  and place this information in the popup box.

Once you have activated the addon you can go to Plugins > Installed Plugins and get auto updates to addons.



2.0 How to install new version of Addon files (Manually via FTP)

The best way to install updates for addons is via ftp. This way you will not need to deactivate or activate addon plugins.

Step 1: Backup your website and old version of the addon files

Step 2: Go into your FTP client and to wp-content/plugins folder and find the addon folder. Eg. ../wp-content/plugins/eventon-rsvp/

Step 3: Delete all the files inside this folder and replace with new files from the new version of the addon zip file.

Step 4: Go to wp-admin Plugins> Installed Plugins and make sure the update works.


The other method is to deactivate the addon from Plugins > Installed Plugins and delete the plugin and install new version and activate.

NOTE (warning):  you may lose all the settings stored under eventON for that specific addon with this method. 


NOTE: You can also follow twitter hashtag #newEVOupdate to get addon and plugin updates real-time.

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