Last updated: 6 months ago

v 0.8 (2017-7-31)
FIXED: consistent date format everywhere in the feed with pluggability

v 0.7 (2017-5-24)
ADDED: pluggable filters into feed code for customization
FIXED: Order events by event start date in the feed
UPDATED: addon initiation process to comply with eventon 2.5+

v 0.6 (2016-9-24)
ADDED: RSS button as shortcode variable in basic event list as well
FIXED: Couple of validation errors on XML rss feed

v 0.5 (2016-4-27)
FIXED: PudDate not changing to event start date
FIXED: Incorrect pubDate timezone

v 0.4 (2016-3-11)
ADDED: Ability to set custom feed link
ADDED: Troubleshooter items to eventON basic troubleshooter in version 2.3.20

v 0.3 (2015-7-10)
FIXED: Event start and end times incorrect on RSS
UPDATED: Compatibility with eventon 2.3.6

v 0.2 (2015-5-13)
FIXED: not all events showing in feed
ADDED: Option to select whether to use event start time as feed time

v0.1 (2015-2-16)
Initial release

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