We greatly appreciate your business with eventON addon purchases. Your support help us improve eventON plugins base and make eventON one of the best event calendars out there.


Refunding EventON Addons

We understand not all the time that our customers are 100% satisfied with what we sell and we are willing to offer refunds for their purchase. If you have issues, errors or bugs with your purchased addon we strongly recommend you to reach us via our support and express your issue so we can help you solve the issues before requesting a refund hastily. EventON Support


Refunding EventON Main Plugin

EventON main plugin is sold exclusively via codecanyon (envato) and we do not have any control over refunding for the main eventON plugin. However we recommend that you reach out to codecanyon via their support and request a refund.


Refunds for partial order

When you request a refund for partial order – such as a refund for one addon from the total order of multiple addons, we will deduct a percentage of paypal fees charged from us when we received original order for the entire purchase (As long as the original order is within 60 day refund period)


Addon Refunds within 60 Days

According to paypal 60 days refunds process https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/helpcenter/helphub/article/?solutionId=FAQ2393 We are able to give you a complete refund for addons purchase order if your purchase date is within this 60 days period.


Addon Refunds after 60 Days

After this 60 day period we would have to manually send you a refund for addon purchase – in which case we will not be able to refund you fully. We will only be able to refund the cost of addon order minus (-) paypal fees.

We will charge $1.50 service fee for refunds per each individual order that is refunded thats past 60 day period.


After 60 days (Refund Calculation):

Refund Amount = Order Item(s) Cost – Paypal Fees – Service Fee ($1.50)


We strongly recommend requesting refunds within 60 days as you would be able to get full refund amount and it would be less work for us.

NOTE: You may be charged additional paypal fees for receiving the custom refund money.


Requesting Refunds for Addons

Please follow the link below to submit a refund request for eventON Addons and provide us required information to process your refund.

request refund


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