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Setup a vendor style website using revenue builder addon bundle

Published on: October 13,2017

in Case Study, Information

Setting up a vendor style website where you are the provider of a market place (event directory) and your vendors (customers or organizers) sell their items (event tickets), can be achieved quite easily with our revenue builder addon bundle along with eventon. Revenue builder bundle for eventON comes with all the necessary addons for your website […]

Case Study of how you can automate your day-to-day ticket sales process with EventON

Published on: September 18,2017

in Case Study

EventON has some great addons that we have developed overtime — that can extend the boundaries of eventON to do great things. Automating day-to-day ticket selling process is one of them. Some of our customers, using eventON today have already untapped this potential of eventON. Let me take you through how you can also automate your day-to-day […]

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