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New EventON 2.3 is ready

Published on: April 15,2015

in Announcements, myEventON, New Release

Hey guys want to introduce you to eventON version 2.3! What is new The biggest addition in this version is our newest layout design – the tile calendar layout. Which we have been working on perfecting to be laid out seamlessly with our existing event styles. Lot of you have been asking us for something like […]

EventON 2.2.15 is here

Published on: August 13,2014

in myEventON, News, Update

Hi guys, the long awaited new update to eventon is here. Sorry about the delay, support has been taking a long time away from building this. With that news, I am looking for php/WP developers to help us with development related support queries, if you are interested please email me to info[at]   What’s new? […]

Eventon 2.2.10 is out

Published on: May 5,2014

in myEventON, News

Hi guys wanted to let you know of the big news of the day — eventON 2.2.10 is out now. I know lot of you have been waiting for this update and sorry for taking a long time to get it out there. Its available on autoupdate right now and in approval process for codecanyon.   What’s […]

Sneak peak of version 2.2.8

Published on: March 11,2014

in myEventON, Sneak Peek

Yeah yeah! we are coming up with even slicker clean design for eventON calendar in our next version. Check out the sneak peak for now. Hoping for a release later this week.

EventON 2.2.5 and important notice

Published on: January 27,2014

in myEventON, News

Hey guys, as promised to some of you on the codecanyon and google forum I have an update to eventON ready to go today. Just like last times, this update is still awaiting approval from codecanyon but its available right away via auto update. First of all I want to apologize on the slow load […]

December plans for EventON

Published on: December 6,2013

in myEventON, News

Wanted to write a quick note about whats planning and going to happen during December and heading to a new year for eventON. First off December 20th is 2 year Anniversary for eventON woo hoo! and I want to thank you all for your support for eventON for the past 2 years for making eventON […]

EventON version 2.2 is here

Published on: November 21,2013

in myEventON, News

Woo hoo after several nights of lines and lines of endless coding we are happy to present the eventON 2.2 update. This update is a major one as we have done several improvements and additions. Definitely moving eventON forward with the look, functionality and usability.   What all is new with 2.2? New Shortcode Generator […]

EventON updates to 2.1.19

Published on: October 12,2013

in myEventON, News

We have just released the eventON 2.1.19 update with several exciting features and fixed to issues.   What’s New WP time format based backend time selection Backend time selection for an event now changes to 24 hour format or 12 hour format with AM and PM based on your preferences on WP Settings.   New […]

EventON updates to 2.1.14

Published on: August 6,2013

in myEventON, News

So I have another update ready for you eventON users after about a month of working on it. This update focused lot on fixing previous errors and some UI updates and improvements on eventON back-end.   What’s New Flat cleaner UI for buttons   Updates to widget UI – more interactivity The eventON widget now […]

What to check first if you think eventON breaks your site

Published on:

in myEventON, User Guide

This is a simple guide on how to diagnose EventON for issues caused by javascripts or conflict with other plugins.   Do you experience any of these? Turning on eventON stops my *** slider from working… EventON stops my dropdown menus from working… Nothing happen when I click eventON event boxes… Months dont change when […]

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