New Addon to promote single events for EventON

Published on: May 7,2013

I want to introduce you to our newest addon for EventON — The Single Events for Eventon



What does it do?

Link direct to single events

Since version 2.1.8 I have introduced the basic single events page and “../events” archive page templates – loaded via EventON templates. This addon takes the single events page to the next level.

This addon will add new single events template that matches with the rest of the EventON layout. Everything you saw for a single event inside EventON calendar is now possible in this single event page with equal interactivity.


Social Media Share built-in to events

Since Single events for EventON adds cool template layout for single events now you can tie in the social media sharing capabilities that comes with this addon to share links to individual events. (which most of you have been asking about)


Note:  This is an extension to EventON – meaning you can install this addon as a regular WordPress plugin!


You can purchase this awesome addition to EventON for $4.99

Buy Single Events for EventON

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