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Power-up your eventON calendar with actionUser to allow front-end event submissions, user permissions control and a whole lot of other amazing features.


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1- year of addon updates

1- year of support

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Latest Version 2.4.6

Release Date September 16, 2013

Last Updated 2024-6-13

Requirements EventON

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Action UserAddon for EventON


Single Site Single Site2-5 SitesUp to 25 Sites

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Receive Events From Front-end

Use ActionUser addon to do many things from front-end of your website, such as event submissions and event management without having to go into admin side.

Smooth Event Submission Form

ActionUser addon offers a comprehensive event submission form that can be added to any page (via a simple shortcode or using EventON Block) to allow for front-end event submission into your website and that can populate your calendar.

Event Category Selection on Form

ActionUser offers event submitter the ability to select event types for the event. From the admin side, you can assign a set event type term values for the submitted events as well.

Fully Customizable Event Submission Form

ActionUser adds a fully customizable front-end form where you can select the fields user can enter values and order fields of the form to best fit your needs.

Restrict Form Access

You can easily restrict event submissions only to logged-in users of your website or allow anyone to submit events. Submissions can be set to save as draft or published events.

One Submission per User

Along with restrict submissions, you can restrict only one event submission per logged-in user from the front-end form.

Select from List or Add New

Event type categories, location and organizer fields can be set to allow users to select field values from previously saved values or allow them to create new values.

Lightbox Form

The front-end submission form can also be set to open as in-window lightbox form that is also responsive on mobile devices.

Default Event Types

Easily assign default event type 1 and/or 2 category tags to submitted events for easy recognition from back-end.

Private Notes to Admin

You can enable private notes to admin from front-end form where users can send special messages only admin can see.

Default Post Status

Set default event submission post status to approve events before they appear in calendar or publish events to calendar right away.

Event Manager

Once events are created, logged-in users can manage their submitted events via event manager easily. Event manager can be added to any page using shortcode and configured to your desire.

Easy Event Manager

Seamlessly add event manager to any page. From here loggedin users can navigate, search, edit and delete events with correct permissions.

Edit Events Easily

With easy navigation and interactive form, you can easily edit the events and available event edit values with correct user permissions.

User Permissions

Aside frontend event submission, ActionUser addon offers user permission management for various aspect of EventON Calendar setup.

Edit Role Capabilities

From ActionUser settings, user capabilities you can edit capabilities by available wordpress user roles.

Individual User Capabilities

You can also edit each individual user capabilities

Other Exciting Features

AJAX based event manager and event submission form

Setup Event Manager and submission form that load events via AJAX.

Control event submission form fields

Easily control which event submission form fields are visible on frontend.

Assign all users to an event

From edit event you can assign all the users to an event, so you can create calendars that allow all the users to see this event.

Captcha validation for event submissions

Enable captcha based validation for the event submission form, to filter out the spam submissions.

Collect name and email from non logged-in event submissions

You can enable in form settings to collect name and email addresses from visitors who are submitting events without logging in.

AJAX based forms

Event submission forms are loaded into page via ajax and form is removed after submission from DOM for better security.

Send out notification emails upon new event submissions

Setup new event submission notification emails, to inform you of new event submissions.

Submit another event after successful submission

You can allow the submission form to submit another event after submitting one event.

Redirect user to a custom link upon successful event submission

You can also set up for the page to be redirected to a custom link after an event is submitted.

Custom HTML field for event submission form

Go beyond what is supported and add custom HTML as field to show your own custom HTML content in the submission form.

Addons that go with Action User

Supercharge Event Submissions along with ActionUser Plus

Along with actionUser plus, you can supercharge your event submissions by charging for submissions. You can use an advanced level-based restrictive field method or flat fee method to charge event submissions.

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Create Your Credits System to Charge for Featuring Events

With this addon + ActionUser, you can allow your users to purchase credits, which can be used to feature events - that you can set up in your calendar to be shown above other events.

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Allow Users to Sell Tickets for their Event Submissions

ActionUser addon support basic level event ticket creation via event submission form. The front-end Event Manager will also allow you to see ticket stats such as attendees and their preferences and check-in attendees.

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