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EventON 2.6.14 Activation Patch Fix

Published on: November 20,2018

in Patch Fix

Link to patch fix file: Replace location: …/eventon/includes/admin How to replace First download the patch fix file from above link. And then connect to your website’s files via a FTP client, or using file manage in cpanel. (If you are unsure of these, please consult your website host) and location the above mentioned folder on [...]

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Whats cooking in the oven

Published on: October 31,2018

in News

Wanted to give an update to our dear eventON customers on what is going on behind the scene at eventON and what they can expect in the coming months. Last month we pushed a big update to RSVP addon which redid most of code structure. We have been working on addressing immediate bugs and issues [...]

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Server Migration & Sync Addon with Facebook

Published on: August 16,2018

in New Release

The Great Migration is Over First of all my apologies for not forewarning you guys about the server migration. It was something I wanted to do for quite sometime, but kept pushing back. And it just came to a point we just had to pull the trigger and get it done. We greatly appreciate your [...]

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EventON 2.6.9 and New Tickets Suite

Published on: May 10,2018

in Update

Couple of days ago we released EventON 2.6.9 which was a minor update with several bugs addressed. And was more of a foundation update for new tickets addons suite. Find our more about eventON changelog. Updating to EventON 2.6.9 Please refer to how to update eventon, on how to update eventON main plugin to latest version. [...]

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Sync Addon & Facebook API Update

Published on: April 18,2018

in New Release News

Due to the latest API update by facebook our Sync addon has stopped working in importing facebook events. Since April 4th, facebook has restricted access for events in API due to recent privacy issue. They have new policy & rules to get event data and restricted events data over API. So at the moment you [...]

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Before updating to EventON 2.6.7 – Important

Published on: April 5,2018

in Update

If you are updating to eventON 2.6.7 using manual method by deleting old eventON. Before you do this, be sure to set “Do not delete eventon settings & data when EventON is uninstalled” to NO — to avoid potential losing event data during eventON plugin deletion process. This issue will be fixed in EventON 2.6.8, however [...]

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EventON 2.6.6 & Changes to License Terms

Published on: February 13,2018

in Announcements News

Beginning of this month we released eventON version 2.6.6 which is a bug fix version release with lot of issues we have discovered were answered.   Whats new with 2.6.6 Couple of important changes were the styles for event edit page. We had users having issues with darker meta box layout with darker font making [...]

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Best-Selling EventON Addons in 2017

Published on: January 10,2018

in 2017

Last year has been a great year at eventON with regards to improvements in the software itself in the areas of the core structure and new and exciting addons like Bookings Addon and Advent Event Calendar Addon. Last year we also doubled our team size with two amazing guys joining in. Artem and Basilis thank [...]

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Setup a vendor style website using revenue builder addon bundle

Published on: October 13,2017

in Case Study Information

Setting up a vendor style website where you are the provider of a market place (event directory) and your vendors (customers or organizers) sell their items (event tickets), can be achieved quite easily with our revenue builder addon bundle along with eventon. Revenue builder bundle for eventON comes with all the necessary addons for your website [...]

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Case Study of how you can automate your day-to-day ticket sales process with EventON

Published on: September 18,2017

in Case Study

EventON has some great addons that we have developed overtime — that can extend the boundaries of eventON to do great things. Automating day-to-day ticket selling process is one of them. Some of our customers, using eventON today have already untapped this potential of eventON. Let me take you through how you can also automate your day-to-day [...]

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