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EventON 4.4

Published on: June 9,2023

4.4 we are bringing some internal changes and improvements to EventON calendar.

FSE Theme Support

In the new version, we are adding support for full site editing themes for event pages and event taxonomy pages. At the moment you can customize the single event page layout from EventON Settings > EventCard Design. We are hoping in the future to add more support for block editor to customize single event pages.

Endpoint AJAX

The other big change we did in 4.4 is the endpoint-based AJAX requests instead of the old admin-ajax.php. We are hoping this will speed up the calendar load times, switching months, searching events, filtering events and sorting events.

Apart from this we have several other minor design and code improvement changes in the 4.4.

You can now download a CSV file of event data from wp-admin > event edit page. This CSV file will have all the event data in it.

EventTop hover border left size is also now easily changeable via eventON Settings.

Apart from these items, we have done several fixes on issues and made minor design and layout improvements.

We hope you enjoy the new 4.4 update to EventON and its improvements! — Full changelog


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