License Key Transfer

Transfer EventON addon licenses to your client's account so they can keep an active copy of the licenses and have subscription renewal payments be charged to your client's account. Below are the steps to initiate license transfer process

Step 1: Have your client purchase any of our addons. This will save your client's payment methods into eventon system for continuing subscription in the future.

Step 2: Submit a ticket for us via helpdesk with below information.

1. client's account email address (the email address used to purchase addons)

2. Order ID(s) and name(s) of EventON Addons under your account that you would like to transfer. IMPORTANT: these licenses must be active and NOT cancelled.

3. Your email address associated with account where addons were purchased from.

4. Order ID(s) of the addons client purchased (to support license transfer) that need refunded from us.

Step 3: We will verify the information and transfer requested addons to your client's account and will REFUND your client of the addon they purchased to save his payment method.

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