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A Colorful Experience.

Via EventON shortcode, easily select to show your calendar with its' full beautiful colors. Alternatively, select the subtle elegance of EventON's clean design with marginal colors.


Virtual Events

with EventON

EventON is compatible with the new ways of hosting events, cost-effectively as virtual events during COVID and beyond!

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Easy to Use & Customize

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EventON is built for customized user experience. Most of the aspects of the calendar can be customized from back-end, if not using pluggable functions.

All the things you need
from a calendar

Search Events

Built in search functionality right on calendar

Month & Year Long Events

Create events that last for an entire month or a year.

Event Subtitle

Grab attention for events using subtitles.

Short Event Info

Show a quick snapshot of an event info to drive user attention.

Other Repeating events

Show clickable other repeating events of this event.

Location Image

Showcase event location image with information over the image.

Event Organizers

Assign organizers for event and display their information for your users to find easily.

Related Events

Connect other related events and retain visitor longer.

Jump Months

Easily scroll to month and year to see events for exact time.

Filter Events

Filter events by event type categories, location & organizer.

Event Images

Add unlimited beautiful event images to an event

Event Location

Create online or google map based event locations with directions.

Virtual Event

Host virtual events using various live streaming methods.

Custom Meta Data

Create custom event data with visibility restrictions.

Add to Calendar

Supports ICS(iCal) and googleCal add to calendar.

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Event Tiles.

Cleanly designed event tiles layout offers a beautiful alternative layout for your calendar. Your customers will be able to find the event information quickly with the tiles while drawing their attention right to the minimal design of the tiles.

Event Lists

Create event lists to show events from multiple months in one place. Make it be upcoming events or events from the past, hide or show empty months, all in one calendar.

Want more flexibility on event lists? Check out our Extend Events Lists addon, to allow even more event list featured like next 12 upcoming events regardless of month...
Event Lists Ext.

Shortcode Generator & Gutenberg

Create various calendar types with our super easy and fun to use shortcode generator build right into WordPress as part of gutenberg blocks.

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Exciting Features of EventON

The amazing features that comes with eventon along with its slick design

Set Custom Colors

You can set custom colors for events and event type categories

Shortcode Generator

EventON comes with a unique shortcode generator that helps you create various shortcodes at ease

Expandable Details

You can show an except of the event with faded teaser of full description where users can see complete details

Unlimited Event Images

Set unlimited images for an event to create a vivid gallery about the event for your visitors

Location maps & Directions

EventON use google maps to display event locations and get directions

Add Events to Calendar

EventON allow add to calendar and add to google calendar options

Feature Events

Display feature events above others or create only feature events calendars

Re-arrange Event Card

Easily re-order data fields for event card of the event

Multi-day events

You can create events that last more than one day

Repeat Events

EventON offers various repeating options such as repeat by days of week and custom repeat schedule that is easy to set for events

Event Categories

Assign events upto 5 category types and create calendars that show only certain category type events

Filter & sort events

Users can easily filter and sort events to find exactly what they are looking for

Custom Meta fields

You can add upto 10 custom event data fields with pluggable extension with various content types

Font awesome icons

You can customize all the calendar icons using supported font awesome retina icons

Custom Time Format

You can easily change date and time format of events to a desired format universally

Social Share Icons

Support all major social share sites plus send via email. This can be easily modified with pluggable functions

User Interaction

Events can be opened as slide down, inpage lightbox, single event page or do nothing

Add Event Organizer

Organizers for events along with their information and image can be reused among other events

RTL Support

EventON frontend calendar support right to left text for those languages that require this

Appearance Editor

Fast and easy appearance editor allow you to customize the look of eventon calendar to match your website styles

Events at location

Location archive pages allow users to see all the events taking place in one location

Span event till end time

You can span an event till end time while hiding the event end time. Specially for overnight end times

Hide past events

Don’t show past events, eventon can hide all past events from showing on calendars

Delete past events

Not just hide, but you can automatically set to delete all the past events to keep things clean and upto date

Search Events

Visitors can easily search and find events using build in search bar with optional advanced search

ICS All Events

Allow visitors to download all the events as ICS file that is importable to outlook and iCal

Multi Data Types

Create advanced data connections for events for efficiency and reusability of data

JSON-LD Schema

EventON events comes with JSON-LD and regular schema data support for each event for better search engine visibility

AJAX Pagination

Events can be viewed in increments using ajax based or regular pagination of events on the calendar

Year and month long events

Create year and month long events that will show in the calendar for the whole duration

Auto Complete

Cron based auto complete events once they have passed

Event Types Calendar

Create calendars to show events from only certain event types or not from certain event types

WP Widgets Support

Add eventON calendars into your website easily using WP widgets or use any eventON shortcode inside widget

These are just a few of the features of EventON, there are over 200 features comes with this plugin to your website!

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