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Are you looking to sell tickets for your events with eventON? Event Tickets powered by Woocommerce is the ultimate solution for your ticket sales need. Stop paying percentage of your ticket sales and try event tickets addon!

Event TicketsAddon for EventON

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$90.00 Single Site

$190.00 2-5 Sites

$300.00 Upto 25 Sites

$90.00 Single Site

$190.00 2-5 Sites

$300.00 Upto 25 Sites

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All license types are billed yealy. You may cancel your subscription at any time from My Account and are subject to yearly license for support and updates. View Terms.

Powered by Woocommerce

Event Tickets addon runs on the most popular ecommerce system for WordPress & support all the payment gateways that is supported by woocommerce.

Ticket Sold Out

When stocks run out or when you decide to stop selling, let your customers know this on EventTop

Remaining Tickets

Show real-time remaining tickets by default or have it only show after remaining tickets dropped past certain tickets number.

Encrypted Ticket Number

Completed orders will get a unique ticket number which is also encrypted to protect your ticket sales.

Guest List for an Event

You can display the guest list for an event on the eventCard to attract more interest for events.

Real-time Qty Update

Ticket quantity increment for each ticket update total ticket price in real-time.

Additional Guests

Enable and collect additional guest names and other information during checkout. You can also make additional guest names required field.

Ticket Confirmation Emails

Once ticket order is completed, customers will receive an automated confirmation email with ticket information.

Filterable Attendees List

Attendees for an event can be easily filtered to various values from admin page for each event.

Ticket Sales Insight

Know how your ticket sales are doing with sales insight for tickets, which is available for each event.


  • Email attendee list
  • Email the attendees of an event
  • Download Guest List as CSV file
  • View attendees for each event and checkin attendees
  • Manage ticket capacity for each repeating event instance
  • Show remaining ticket count only when count go below set count
  • Sell tickets individually or multiple quantity
  • Catalog visibility of ticket products option
  • Stop selling tickets a set minutes before the event start
  • Allow only loggedin guests to buy event tickets
  • Open checkout and View cart buttons in new window
  • Show “Event Over” tag on eventtop when the event is past
  • Auto re-stock event tickets when orders are cancelled or refunded
  • Human Validation for inquiries before buy form submissions
  • (wp-admin – Ticket Settings) Quick ticket search using ticket ID in backend
  • (wp-admin) Send ticket emails to custom email address



At the moment (2016-2-25) tickets addon is NOT compatible with WPML for Woocommerce. It will work just fine as long as WPML is not trying to translate Woocommerce product pages.

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How to customize ticket email template

How to set up Event Tickets

How to set up variable prices for Tickets


Latest Version 1.7.13

Release Date June 24, 2014

Last Updated 2020-4-6

Requirements EventON & Woocommerce

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