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Ticket Variations & Options

Create seamless ticket variations like never before


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Latest Version 1.1.4

Release Date 2018-5-10

Last Updated 2024-5-30

Requirements EventON Full, Tickets Addon, Woocommerce

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Ticket Variations & OptionsAddon for EventON


Single Site Single Site2-5 SitesUp to 25 Sites

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Variety of Options for a Ticket

Sell event tickets with sophisticated ticket options and grant your customers the power to choose ticket options, to their desire!

Unlimited Variations & Price Options

You can create unlimited combinations of variations and price options to best suite your scenario. Seamlessly integrated with Tickets section on EventCard.

2 Different Types of Price Options

Individual options or multiple options that allow customers to add several price options where you can set a limit to available options quantity.

Integrated with Woocommerce

Just like the Tickets addon, variation & options values are passed on to Woocommerce cart seamlessly and throughout the ecommerce experience.

Sell Each Variation as Separate Ticket

You can also sell each ticket variations as a separate ticket, instead of all variations as part of one ticket.

Restrict Variations

Restrict choosen variations purchase only for logged-in users.

Put Variations on Sold Out

Selectively put certain variations on sold out and stop additional purchases of those variations.

Extra Revenue from Options

Add price options to your tickets and generate extra revenue while providing additional features and services for your customers.

Smooth Admin Experience

You control the admin side, having a smooth experience on that helps immensely for your sanity.

Variations & Options Editor

Easily add, update and remove variations and option from admin editor and manage all in one location.

Variations Editor

Customize and create variations with various variations that best fit your situation.

Filter View Attendees

View Attendees on event edit supports filtering the attendees by each variation values to easily find the attendees with certain variations types purchased.

Integration with Other Addons

Variations and Options addon is an extension to Tickets addon, which can be used in other addons as well to extend their functionality.

Seats with Variations and Options

With Seats + Variations and Options addons you can create super power seats with various options to select for your customers for each seat on top of just the seat. Both variations and price options are compatible with seats.

Learn about Seats Addon

Bookings with Variations and Options

Bookings + Variations and Options addons allows you to create booking blocks with multiple variation options as selection for each block and additionally add extra price options. By doing that, take booking blocks to a whole new level.

Learn about Bookings Guide: how to add variations to Booking Blocks

Disclaimer: This addon is not compatible with repeating events.

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