31 December, 2011

AJDE Events Calendar was born


March 2013

First addon for eventON - DailyRepeats


June 2013

ashanjay is featured as author of the week at codecanyon.

Sept. 2013

New Support Forum

For first time support is moved outside codecanyon message board.


May 2016

Helpdesk.ashanjay.com created using custom support platform


New Font Styles

EventON primary font changed to Roboto & Open sans from Oswald

Artem & Basilis

Nov 2017

Artem and Basilis joins eventON to help with support and development.

Colorful EventTop

May 2019

A whole new colorful eventtop designs are introduced to EventON


April 2020

EventON reached 50k purchases by users around the world.

Sponsor WordCamp Denver

June 2020

For the first time EventON sponsor a wordcamp. It is the first virtual wordcamp denver conference.



Calendar renamed to EventON


June 2013

FullCal addon is released, which is currently the best selling addon for eventON.

Best Seller

August 2013

EventON become the best selling calendar in codecanyon.

Tickets Addon

June 2014

Tickets addon for EventON is released.



Ashish Rai joins EventON support team


October 2017

EventON was purchased and installed by 30k legal users around the world.

Black Friday

Nov 2017

EventON runs its first blackfriday discount sales on all addons


Nov 2019

EventON data architecture moved to a swift AJAX and JSON based event loading methods

Virtual Events & COVID19

May 2020

EventON gets full integration for virtual events in a lockdown world.

Featured on Codecanyon CyberMonday

Nov 2020

EventON was a featured item in Codecanyon cyber monday sale for the first time.

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