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RSVP addon for eventON allows you to enable your website visitors to RSVP to your events using name and email address and set number of spaces needed. What’s even cool is at the event you can check-in attendance from the backend of your website.


Single Site Single SiteUpto 5 SitesUpto 25 Sites

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What's Included

1- year of addon updates

1- year of support

Requirements & Details

Latest Version 2.9.14

Release Date March 26, 2014

Last Updated 2024-7-10

Requirements EventON

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RSVP EventsAddon for EventON


Single Site Single Site2-5 SitesUp to 25 Sites

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A Comprehensive Attendance System

An RSVP system that is as comprehensive as it gets, that allows you to manage multitude of aspects of event attendance without payments.

EventCard Integration

RSVP content and visuals are seamlessly integrated with your existing events on EventCard and will run ajax content updates.

Customizable RSVP Form

We have created an easy to use form, that you can customize with various custom fields. RSVP form can be configured to open as lightbox or inside the eventcard.

Alternate Clean Lightbox Form

Switch between the colorful RSVP lightbox form or the clean form design. (Only for lightbox version of the RSVP form)

Guest List

Show whos coming or who is not coming list. You can set attendance names to be initials or full names. This can also be set to show only after a guest has RSVPed.

RSVP from EventTop for Loggedin Users

For loggedin users, you can allow rsvping with easy click of the buttons from their RSVP choice, and that will process right on page.

Captcha Validation

You can enable captcha validation to ensure you are receiving RSVPs from real people.

Restrict to Only Loggedin Guests

Easily block out non-logged in users from RSVPing and allow only the loggedin users of the website to RSVP.

Maximum Party Size

You can set a maximum limit for the number of spaces a guest can reserve on their RSVP to make sure you do not exceed party size than needed.

Minimum for the Event to Happen

If your event need at least certain number of people for it to happen, set minimum event happening rsvp count easily, and this will also be visible for guests.

RSVP for Whole Party

Primary guest of a group can RSVP for the entire group easily.

Event Space Progress Bar

You can enable an informative event attendance status progress bar on the eventCard for an amazing visual appeal.

Additional Info for Guests

You can add additional information about the event, that will only be visible after RSVPing and in confirmation email.

Close RSVP before event start

You can set how much time (in minutes) before the event start, to stop new RSVPs.

Change RSVP

Users can look up their RSVP using email or if loggedin already find their RSVP and easily change their RSVP status.

Download Attendees as CSV

From event edit page, you can download all the event attendees list as a CSV file.

Daily Digest

RSVP addon can send you daily digest for any event with RSVP with information like, attending out, remaining spaces etc.

RSVP Manager

Built-in front-end RSVP manager allow your guests to manage their RSVPs and update them and find more information about the events as well.

Admin Experience

Event Edit Settings

From event edit page, you can find quick RSVP stats to RSVP settings for each event specifically.

Set RSVP Capacity per each Repeat

RSVP addon is compatible with repeat events and you can set capacity for each repeat instance individually.

View Attendees

View attendees lightbox offers quick and fast RSVP look up from the list and clicking to see more details about each RSVP, and also checking-in guests.

Email Attendees

This built-in email attendees on event edit page, offers various options to email attendees, email not attending guests, email attendees list to someone and email to all signed up guests.

Custom Additional Fields

You can add upto 5 additional custom fields to RSVP form. At the moment supported field types are: Single line input, multiline input, drop down field, checkbox line, basic text, and file upload. Each additional fields can be configured to be visible per each event using the field code [AF1] etc. You can also set these custom fields to appear based on the RSVP choice.

Support Various Common Fields

RSVP form supports various commonly used fields, which can be turned on and off for your form.

Other Exciting Features

Set login requirement to rsvp per each event

You configure login required to rsvp to event per each event basis, on top of the global setting.

Support actionUser event submission form fields

Basic RSVP fields are supported via actionUser addon event submission form. To enabled RSVPs and set basic values for submitted events via actionUser.

Compatible with EventON virtual events

Show virtual event access information after a guest has RSVPed to event and also email those information to attendee.

Support for webhooks (v2.8)

RSVP addon support the new webhooks in eventON 4.2 to send data when someone rsvp and when an attendee is checked.

Addons that go with RSVP Events

Add a waitlist feature to events

Allow customers to RSVP beyond capacity in a waitlist and be moved into attendance.

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Exclusive Invitee only Events

Allow only invited guests to RSVP to events using Invitees addon.

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Buy, gift or grant points to RSVP

Sell, gift or grant points to users of your website, who can cash in their points later to RSVP to events of their choice.

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