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Ticket Suite Update – July 2023

Published on: July 12,2023

We have just released one of the biggest updates to our entire ticket system.

Very Important, Before Update

Make sure you backup current version of the addons before you update to latest versions. We have test the hell out of it, but we are still humans and we make mistakes. So if there are issues on your website after the update, have a copy of the current version ready to revert back to.

So, What is New?

We made lot of design updates to all the ticket addons – to bring them up to current design trends.

Dynamic Lightbox-based modular ajax requests have also been implemented heavily on all the addons replacing old static codes, that were cumbersome to load on to pages. Now this content is loaded only if needed.

New in Tickets Addon v2.2

Show Attendees Anywhere

With the shortcode generator [evotx_attendees] you can show all the event attendees for certain events, anywhere on your website now.

Clean Admin Event Edit Ticket Settings

Ticket edit settings were getting quite cumbersome on the event edit page and it was slowing the event edit page. So we have now moved those settings to load via ajax – most importantly, only when needed.

Admin Event Tickets Filter

Events > All Event Tickets now offer filtering tickets by certain events.

View Attendees Search

View attendees lightbox in the admin side now has a fast search bar. Which will allow you to search attendees by ticket id, name, or email.

EventON Webhook Support

Tickets addon support 2 webhooks, when a tickets are created for an order and when ticket stock is modified – such as refunded, cancelled status of an order change ticket stock.

Lightbox Based Inquire Before Buy Form

We have upgraded the inquire before buy form, to have a stronger presence than before. It is now loaded via lightbox.

How About Variations & Options v1.1

Settings Moved Cleanly to Lightbox

Just like event tickets settings, variations and options settings have also been moved into lightbox to improve speed on the page and to create ease on the page.

Seats v1.2 Also Get Improved

Seat Map Editor Design Update

We have made several design upgrades to seat map editor in-line with current design trends.

Seat Booths (Beta)

We are introducing booths for seat. It is still in beta stage and we are hoping to improve on this in the coming updates. A booth has 1 space and can be set a price. Once a booth is purchased it will show on the front-end with a check mark.

Booking v1.4 Gets Several Fixes

Bookings addon also been updated to new designs. We were able to get several important issues resolved in this new version.

We hope you will enjoy this big ticket suite update. Please check below for the complete changelogs. And remember to backup before updating to new versions!

Complete Changelogs

Tickets Changelog –

Variations and options Changelog –

Seats Changelog –

Bookings Changelog –


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