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EventON 4.1

Published on: July 5,2022

We very much appreciate your patience during our development work for EventON 4.1. Kindly find the improvements and enhancements we have made to eventON in the 4.1 version below.


EventTop Designer

One of the biggest additions to eventON 4.1 is the eventtop designer just as the eventcard designer.


Single Event Page only for logged-in Users

We also added the ability to enable via settings to allow access to Single event page only to logged-in users.


Hourly Repeat Mode

EventON now support hourly event repeats. We added this, especially for those events that occur at a quick turnaround time.

Link to Single Event from Anywhere on Your Site

Using shortcode [eventon_anywhere id=” repeat_interval=”] with event ID and repeat instance ID you can add a link anywhere in your website that will load the event details. This can be set to open as lightbox or redirect to single event page.


Show Repeat Event Instance Relative to all Repeats

Enabling this will help your repeating events show which of the repeats the current event is, on the repeat header.


Webhook Support – More to come 🙂

We are including the framework for webhook support for EventON in the 4.1 version. This will be able to hook into various other platforms like zapier, IFTTT, Integromat,,, Workato,, APTANT, and Webhook.

We are going to be adding more trigger points in the coming updates via eventON addons. Example would be, when someone RSVP to an event, set up a webhook to be triggered that will send out new RSVP data to that webhook. Then via 3rd party platform you can use that data to do whatever additional auto tasks that is supported like create a new Profile etc.

Possibilities are endless and I am excited to have this framework built into EventON 4.1 and look forward to adding various trigger point supports.


Apart from this we have added various other known issue fixes in the new version as well. Kindly refer to the complete changelog for more information.

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