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10k installations and 2015

Published on: December 29,2014

in Update

Hey guys, I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I am very glad to tell you that we have gone past 10,000 sales for EventON through codecanyon site. First of all, I really want to thank you all for your greatest support in believing in us and buying our software. I also want to thank [...]

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Update for EventON

Published on: November 10,2014

in Update

Hi guys wanted to write a quick update about EventON and its addon and future plans. Following the EventON 2.2.20 update and major updates to EventTickets, RSVP and QR Codes addons we have been helping you guys fine tune issues with these addons via our forum. — which is our official support forum now. If you have [...]

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New Addons!

Published on: October 22,2014

in Addons Announcements New Release

Hey guys hope you guy are having a great time and wanted to write a post updating what is going around at EventON base. Yesterday I released version 1.0 for EventTickets  addon and I hope you guys enjoyed all the new additions and fixes. Following that earlier today I released version 2.0 for RSVP  addon, which was [...]

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Event Tickets Addon v 1.0

Published on: October 21,2014

in Addons News Update

Hello guys, I am super excited to introduce you the newest release of the event tickets addon. I took down all your requests and issues and spend considerable amount of time including those into the addon and making it ever so great.   What is new? Your customers can now buy tickets from repeating events The dates [...]

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What is in the works

Published on: October 8,2014

in Announcements News

Hey guys, just wanted to give you a quick update. For the next couple of weeks we are trying to focus heavily on Event RSVP , ActionUser and EventTickets addons. Lot of new stuff have we are working on after hearing all your comments about previous versions. I really want to address what you guys really [...]

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Addon Activation is Back Live!

Published on: September 22,2014

in Addons Announcements

Good new guys, been working with WooCommerce guys and our Addon activation is back live. You should be able to activate eventon addons without any issues at the moment.   Peace! [...]

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Fix Sorting error

Published on:

in Fix

Replace this file in to this location in your FTP: ../wp-content/plugins/eventON/classes/   What does this fix This file will fix sorting giving out empty or not events when select sorting options along with location filters. [...]

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Update to addons and eventon

Published on: September 18,2014

in Announcements

Just released an update to eventon and all its addons. Primary fix for this update is fixing the plugin activation error lot of people were seeing. This update should solve that issue.   Cautious when updating eventon and its addons: What I would recommend is via ftp replace addon and eventon files with old versions. Or you [...]

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Addon License Activation Issues

Published on: September 17,2014

in Announcements News

Hey Guys, So we had our system update WooCommerce to new version and it broke the addon license activation function and we can’t go back to old version either. I am in talk with WC guys to get this fixed as soon as I can. What this means is you are not able to activate [...]

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What’s new with EventON 2.2.17

Published on: September 11,2014

in New Release Update

Hey guys appreciate the wait and so wanted to give the official tour of the 2.2.17 newest version of eventon. I have been working very hard and long hours on this new update perfecting lot of things and fixing lot of issues.   What is new with 2..217   Upto 10 custom meta data fields [...]

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