2015 in Retrospective

Published on: January 21,2016

This is kind of a late news blog post but better late than never. 2015 was a great year for eventON not only the growth of its customer-hood but also addon library and features for eventON.

We stand here today and looking back we have done our best to satisfy lot of requests from our customers. At times we are glad we do get requests for cool features for eventON so we don’t have to go hunting for these ideas.

As we move forward we are going to concentrate on improving our customer support system. We would rather spend our time developing amazing features and making eventON better than spending all day on support. But support is something that can not be neglected. However we are planning to spend time on improving our system for support process and to find ways we can create self guided support for simpler issues.

With that being said I want to point out our improved troubleshooter guide:

This is your handy-man for eventON!

We want to improve this in coming year. 2016 we want to focus a lot of our time in improving a better effective support system where we would have to spend minimal amount of time on it and focus our valuable time on improving the product — which is the key for moving eventON forward.


The numbers of 2015

We continue to sell eventON (our main plugin) on codecanyon market place and in 2015 we saw a 29.8% growth in our customer base compared to the year before. We will continue to move forward with our main plugin selling on codecanyon.


Years ahead

For this year and the coming years we are planning to issue several major updates to our existing addons and improving their functionality and eliminating existing bugs. Be ready for more new features showing up in your eventON addons.

We are also hoping to work on several new addons that would really help our customers in their requests. Mike has already started working on a slider addon for eventON.


EventON Team

EventON is a small team of guys – which you probably know if you have been on our support forum. Mike and Kris have been amazing at helping eventON customers everyday. We are hoping to expand our team. You will see our new recruit Josh popping up on forum from time to time.

We at eventON hope you guys will continue to enjoy the ride ahead with us on the eventON-express for the year of 2016 and forward!

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