New Addon to promote single events for EventON

Published on: May 7,2013


I want to introduce you to our newest addon for EventON — The Single Events for Eventon   What does it do? Link direct to single events Since version... [...]

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How to fix large white spaces from showing in the calendar

Published on:


Does your calendar look like this after adding shortcode? The main reason your calendar will look like this is because how sometimes wordpress WISYWYG editor adds pre tags around shortcodes automatically... [...]

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EventON 2.1.9 and updates

Published on: May 6,2013


As most of you might have already noticed, the new update to EventON versin 2.1.9 is out for download via your website directly (at this moment while its still... [...]

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EventON 2.1.8 & Call to undefined function date_parse_from_format()

Published on: May 2,2013


EventON version 2.1.8 is now available for download via Envato and direct from your website with activated license. It seems most of you have been experiencing this error when... [...]

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