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EventON 2.1.10 is here

Published on: June 13,2013

EventOn new version is out now as some of you may have already noticed. Lots of improvements to the EventON core going into this as we try to make it the best Calendar out there for WordPress.


What’s new

UI keeps getting better

One thing that keeps EventON separate from other calendar plugins out there, is our minimal clean design – front and back. In this update we have made more improvements to backend interface to make things look even prettier and easy to use.


More colors for events

You can now choose custom HEX colors for events. You are not limited to 5 colors anymore.


Google microdata

We have now included google microdata for SEO direct into each events on the calendar. This will help your site’s events get listed in google searches with nice event detailed picked from the events data you add via eventON.


Up to 2 custom meta fields for events

You have been asking for it and we listened! You can now add upto 2 custom meta fields for an event. This can be turned on from from myEventOn Settings page.


Create multi-day events without event time

Multi-day all day event now can expand to more than one day. You can now set an end date for the all day events with setting a time for start or end of the event.


Other minor changes

You can now set a height for the featured image on events.

The “More/less” button under event description can now be turned on and off.

Year number can now be set to show in an upcoming events list.

Minor bugs fixed with template locator and version updates on license


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