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EventON 2.1.12 and new Full grid addon

Published on: June 26,2013

EventON version 2.1.12 is out now for you to grab. Nothing major in this version – mostly fix previous issues. Google maps not loading issue when switching months is fixed now. Also the new color picker and date picker are back at working now after a small bug in the last version.


New ADDON – Full Cal for EventON

This new addon full fills your need to show a complete grid calendar of a month with highlighted dates with events.


New Developments to come for EventON

Lot of EventON users have been asking about an event reservation and ticketing feature and I have started working on an addon. I was hoping to have it released before full cal addon but had few delays and hoping to have it out soon. This reservation addon is gonna be epic and it will push EventON to the next level. On the radar for other developments is an addon user management and event submissions.


I am also thinking of re-doing the wp-admin single event settings UI to a smoother design that is easier to set data for events. More updates on that for later. So we have a lot of cool stuff coming in the next 2 or 3 months for EventON and I want to thank you all theĀ EventONers (the cool people who are using EventON) for your awesome support!





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