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EventON 2.1.9 and updates

Published on: May 6,2013

As most of you might have already noticed, the new update to EventON versin 2.1.9 is out for download via your website directly (at this moment while its still under approval in envato)


What has changed?

This update is mostly targeted towards fixing the errors most of you were experiencing – for which I sincerely apologize!

The error call to undefined function date_parse_from_format() has been fixed now for those running php version 5.2 More info on this fix can be found here.

This update also fixed template errors which messed your site completely after activating eventON version 2.1.8 — this has been fixed now so no worries.

Also fixed the bug in widget title not appearing on the eventON widget.  Special thanks to @barbaralamb for pointing this out!


How to get the new version

As usual envato takes a long time to approve these updates. However you can activate your eventON license within your site and grab the update off server (follow the instructions on the documentation below )



How to get new auto updates for EventON

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