EventON 2.2.15 is here

Published on: August 13,2014


Hi guys, the long awaited new update to eventon is here. Sorry about the delay, support has been taking a long time away from building this. With that news, I... [...]

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New look at DailyView Addon

Published on: July 9,2014


Hey guys I am super excited to introduce you the newly re-designed DailyView calendar.   So I have added a beautiful and clean current focused date section above the... [...]

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Fix: 2.2.14 Hide empty months bug

Published on: July 7,2014


What’s solved: Hide empty months not working on event calendar lists How to fix it: Download the below file and replace it via FTP to ../wp-content/plugins/eventON/classes/ folder [...]

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New Version: Eventon 2.2.14

Published on: July 3,2014

New Release

  Hey guys, EventON 2.2.14 version is out for grabs from eventon server with auto update. This version focus more on fixing some smaller bugs we had going on that... [...]

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New Event Tickets Addon

Published on: June 27,2014

AddonsNew ReleaseNews

This news update is little late mainly due to the fact I’ve been busy trying to tie in lot of things for eventON and doing updates to landing pages.... [...]

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Fix: Event repeat on week of the month

Published on: June 26,2014


Some of you had issues of event repeats showing multiples of the repeat and the last week of the month not saving correctly. This fix should solve that issue.... [...]

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Fix: Addon license activation issue

Published on: June 18,2014


Quick fix for addon license not activating.   Where to place the files: settings_addons_licenses.js == ../wp-content/plugins/eventON/assets/js/admin/ addon_details.php & settings_addons_tab.php == ../wp-content/plugins/eventON/admin/includes   What this will solve: Not being able to activate... [...]

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RSVP Events addon update & new addon page

Published on:


  I am super excited to introduce to you the next version of RSVP Events addon. I have been spending lot of time in the past few days ironing... [...]

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Whats in the hut for eventON

Published on: June 13,2014

AddonsSneak Peek

Hi guys wanted to write a real news post other than the fixes I’ve been posting. First of all I want to apologize for the fixes I had to... [...]

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FIX: Eventon Addon activated but not effective

Published on:


If you have eventon installed correctly but your eventON addons still shows a message like Addon activated by not effective please try the solution below to get rid of this bug.... [...]

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Published on: June 9,2014


Our server had an a huge pike in traffic to in site5 which is where we are hosting and they have disabled the domain so because of this you will... [...]

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How to solve – Fatal error: Class ‘evo_addon’ not found.. on v2.2.12

Published on: June 3,2014


If you are seeing the below error when you updated eventon addons to latest version right now please follow the instructions below to solve this. Fatal error: Class... [...]

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