FullCal update version 1.1

Published on: March 30,2016

in Addons Update

Releasing a minor update to eventon FullCal today. The new version update will address below items. Most important addition would be the 50-50 month grid and the side by side. The 50-50 display was something that was requested by several users and Mike has been providing them with a custom CSS patch. One thing to remember [...]

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Customizing Email Templates for RSVP Addon

Published on: March 28,2016

in Tutorial

One of the biggest needs we are seeing in customers of RSVP addon is the need to customize the email templates that are being sent. You can follow the below instructions to customize and create a child email templates that will not get override with new updates. Connect to FTP Browse to RSVP addon folder [...]

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Support forum on weekend

Published on: March 24,2016

in Announcements Support

We have done some minor improvements to our main support forum for eventON some of you might have notices the new lightbox ticket creation form. We have lot of great documentation on self troubleshooting eventON which are the same steps we take to troubleshoot user cases. I want our users to start using those as well [...]

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2015 in Retrospective

Published on: January 21,2016

in News Update

This is kind of a late news blog post but better late than never. 2015 was a great year for eventON not only the growth of its customer-hood but also addon library and features for eventON. We stand here today and looking back we have done our best to satisfy lot of requests from our customers. [...]

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Event 2.3.13 and its effects

Published on: December 9,2015

in Addons News Update

Hello guys wanted to say few words about the latest eventON version update and its effect on other addons. As we speak eventon 2.3.13 is available in auto update and will be available for manual FTP update from codecanyon soon. Big Change The biggest change made in this version is the new lightbox HTML and [...]

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EventON and Page Builder (siteOrigin)

Published on: September 24,2015

in News

Lot of you have recently had issues with Page Builder by Site Origin. You can check the current progress on the topic at https://siteorigin.com/thread/cant-integrate-eventon-calendar-with-siteorigin-page-builder/ A temporary solution for this issue what you can do on the eventON side is go to myEventON Settings  and make sure Disable content filter is turned on – down side of this [...]

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EventON 2.3.6 & New ActionUser addon

Published on: July 12,2015

in New Release

Hey guys I really appreciate your patients with the new update for actionUser it took us sometime but this update is packed with so many new things that some of you have been asking for. The new update which we released couple of weeks ago is required for new actionUser update.   EventON Update There [...]

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New Addon: Sync facebook & google calendar events

Published on: May 26,2015

in Addons New Release

  This is our newest addon for eventON. Lot of you have been asking for this for a long time and I am happy make the announcement today for our Sync addon for eventon. This addon will fetch events from facebook and google calendar and import them to eventON calendar and will allow you to [...]

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New EventON 2.3 is ready

Published on: April 15,2015

in Announcements myEventON New Release

Hey guys want to introduce you to eventON version 2.3! What is new The biggest addition in this version is our newest layout design – the tile calendar layout. Which we have been working on perfecting to be laid out seamlessly with our existing event styles. Lot of you have been asking us for something like time.ly [...]

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New EventON Video Tutorial Series by Michael Gamble

Published on: April 11,2015

in Announcements Videos

I am super excited to announce our new video tutorial series for eventON created by my buddy Michael Gamble (@mikonmedia). Please feel free to browse through them from the link below. This video series is intended to cover basic setup and functionalities of eventon and its addons.   [...]

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