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Using Event API, Slider & Lists Items Addons

Published on: July 19,2016


Within the last 2 months we have released couple of new addons for eventON. So I want to talk about those addons and how they can help you in... [...]

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New Support Platform at

Published on: May 23,2016


I would like to let you guys know that we have transitioned into a new support platform, (  that we are going to be using from now on for our... [...]

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Events Map is back

Published on: May 9,2016


I am delighted to tell you today that we are bringing Events map addon back live. We did some major improvements to the addon primarily in the area of... [...]

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EventON Purchase key is required for support

Published on: April 29,2016


In recent times we had lot of people who purchase a theme that we have approved to include eventON, request support for eventON. As mentioned by that theme, you... [...]

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New EventON, ActionUser and RSVP addon

Published on: April 27,2016

AddonsNew ReleaseUpdate

As you may already know we have released EventON 2.3.21 last week. There wasnt any major additions it was mostly fixed past bugs with the plugin. However this new... [...]

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Subscriber Addon Update v1.0

Published on: March 30,2016


Following our update to fullCal I am also releasing an update to subscriber that was in the work at the same time. This update adds several new items and... [...]

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FullCal update version 1.1

Published on:


Releasing a minor update to eventon FullCal today. The new version update will address below items. Most important addition would be the 50-50 month grid and the side by side.... [...]

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Customizing Email Templates for RSVP Addon

Published on: March 28,2016


One of the biggest needs we are seeing in customers of RSVP addon is the need to customize the email templates that are being sent. You can follow the... [...]

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Support forum on weekend

Published on: March 24,2016


We have done some minor improvements to our main support forum for eventON some of you might have notices the new lightbox ticket creation form. We have lot of... [...]

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2015 in Retrospective

Published on: January 21,2016


This is kind of a late news blog post but better late than never. 2015 was a great year for eventON not only the growth of its customer-hood but also... [...]

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Event 2.3.13 and its effects

Published on: December 9,2015


Hello guys wanted to say few words about the latest eventON version update and its effect on other addons. As we speak eventon 2.3.13 is available in auto update... [...]

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EventON and Page Builder (siteOrigin)

Published on: September 24,2015


Lot of you have recently had issues with Page Builder by Site Origin. You can check the current progress on the topic at A temporary solution for this... [...]

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