EventON 2.5

Published on: January 17,2017

We are so happy to release our newest update to eventON – a much needed update that takes eventon to the next level.

We are switching to a new primary font for eventon – Roboto. Which is a more balanced font than our old Oswald font. However oswald is still supported and can be switched to in appearance settings.

This new version lays foundation for lot of backend improvements we are hoping to implement over the coming months into our addons that involves improving speed.

We have also fixed multiple minor issues and updated compatibility with PHP 7.1

Another cool thing we have added is called Multi Data Types. This will allow you to create various data that can be assigned to an event and showcase them on a one to many type relationship. An example of possibility with this new feature is a sponsor section.

We are very excited to move eventon forward.



  1. Portal says:

    Hi, I’ve just downloaded the plugin, what is the easiest way to update it? Thanks Damian

  2. Ola says:

    It is still not available when I go the “Updates” on my WordPress site. It refers to version 2.4.6. Can you tell when 2.5 will be available there?

  3. ally_jeff says:

    i can’t update to this version, i am using wordpress and nothing happens when i click on update from Plugin page

  4. Scott says:

    Yes I also cant updated it give me this error

    Update Failed: The package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature

  5. adwilliams says:

    There isn’t an update available in Plugins nor do I see a download file under my available downloads. I have two add-ons (speakers & schedules and lists & items) that won’t work unless I have 2.5 installed. What is my next step?

    1. Ashan Jay says:

      The eventon update should be available via codecanyon not in please check in your codecanyon > downloads

  6. gpix001 says:

    I got the last version of Single Events but I can’t active it.
    Addon is marked “discontinued” ?

    1. Ashan Jay says:

      Yes because single events is part of eventon

  7. pam1 says:

    Downloaded the update but now can’t get to the setting screen

    1. Ashan Jay says:

      please post your issues via thanks

  8. Mohi says:

    The Auto-download isn’t working and it’s not allowing me to download. This is frustrating.

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