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EventON 2.4.5 & Addons

Published on: August 26,2016

Hi guys, exciting news here about improvements to eventON and its addon base. We have been trying to push lot of updates and fixes as soon as we can more frequently. I also want to point out at the moment we are focusing our time on features of eventON calendar itself and I know some of you had issues with auto updating eventON and we are going to look into this once we go through our planned calendar feature requests.

Design Direction

With the latest eventON update v2.4.5 we started making minor UI improvements and finer changes to our calendar design. We want to keep our calendar design upto date with current design trends. More notably the 5px rounded corners is one of the more prominent changes we have done to calendar that made a considerable appeal improvement for calendar.

Jump Months

Following that design direction we have improved the jump months section with design wise and minor functionality improvements as well.



Addon Updates

We have been releasing lot of addon updates in recent times addressing issues with them. We are hoping to continue this and get to issues that are identified by customers as soon as possible to provide the full experience with the addon you guys purchase.

Weekly View Addon


Following this new design direction we are also re-introducing the weeklyview addon. Smooth design for this addon is matched with its better functionality. Users are now able to navigate through weeks continuously.

Please enjoy all our updates and there is more of that coming 🙂

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