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Using Event API, Slider & Lists Items Addons

Published on: July 19,2016

Within the last 2 months we have released couple of new addons for eventON. So I want to talk about those addons and how they can help you in this post.

Event API


Lot of eventON customers were looking for a way to show their calendar on an external website, and we have gotten a lot of requests for this. Event API addon is the perfect solution for this.

With this you can drop a javascript code snippet on any external website – it can be wordpress or just HTML- and will show the eventON calendar with all the styles and interactions. This addon also supports JSON URL to fetch all upcoming event data that can be used to feed other 3rd party software or mobile apps. Overall its a very powerful solution for advanced developer and the day to day average use to show eventON calendar on an outside website without much coding skills.

Get API addon



Slider addon is one of our cleanly integrated addons that brings a new perspective of events – as a slider view. This addon – mainly controlled and setup via shortcode generator – gives you numerous customization options and layout options.

You can show upcoming events or past events in the slider and set how many events you want to show regardless of month restrictions.  It can also be filtered with event_type category values to show only certain events as slides.


Above is the mini multi slider layout.

Get slider addon

Event Lists & Items


Lists and items addon was something that was missing in our arsenal of addons. With this addon you can list all category items for all 5 event types, locations, and organizers. Once someone click those items it will slide all events for that category type. This is also optional as you can set it not to load events and use this as just for displaying a list of category items.


The item version of the addon is also very useful for displaying for example organizers and you want to drop a box for certain organizer like below.


Once a user click on this item box it will slide all the events organized by Andy the trainer. Its a really neat solution that has so many practical uses.

Get lists & items addon

So these are the 3 latest addons that we have added to eventON in the past 2 months and there are lot of other great ideas passed on to us by our customers and users that we are hoping to implement in the coming months.

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