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Use the "Event API Addon" to showcase your EventON calendar, with your latest events, on external websites by using EventON user interaction. There is no longer a need for iframes. In addition, you can get event data in JSON format if desired.


Single Site Single SiteUpto 5 SitesUpto 25 Sites

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What's Included

1- year of addon updates

1- year of support

Requirements & Details

Latest Version 1.0.6

Release Date June 27th, 2016

Last Updated 2021-11-16

Requirements EventON

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All license types are billed yearly. You may cancel your subscription at any time from My Account and are subject to yearly license for support and updates. View Terms.

Event APIAddon for EventON


Single Site Single Site2-5 SitesUp to 25 Sites

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Show Calendar on External Sites

Display your EventON calendar on external websites with a single copy and paste javascript code. Clicking on the external calendar will open the expanded event on the original website.

One Event

Additionally, this API allows you to show any single event on an external website using similar javascript code.

Filter API Calendar Events

Effortlessly filter events to show only certain events on an external site, using our event category filters.

API Parameters

Pass various supported parameters to external API calendar to show catered calendar only to that external site.

Unlimited External Calendars

Create unlimited external calendars with different variations and supported parameters.

Extend with Pluggable Filters

There are various pluggable filters placed throughout the API addon along with links to documentation explaining how to expand on the default supported features.

Get JSON Data

Get a JSON event data link to use with your mobile or 3rd party application to show event data.

Customize the Events for JSON

Customize JSON data by placing event type filters to show only certain types of events for fetching.


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