Event Lists & Items

Event lists and items addon allow you to create category item lists for event types, locations, and organizers - and show events for each items in that list.

Event Lists & ItemsAddon for EventON

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$40.00 Single Site

$90.00 2-5 Sites

$160.00 Upto 25 Sites

$40.00 Single Site

$90.00 2-5 Sites

$160.00 Upto 25 Sites

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Create Category Lists

You can create category items list for all 5 event types, locations and organizers. Users can click on each item and see events for that particular category item.

Smooth Event Sliding

Once click on a category item, you have the option to slide to show all the events for that particular item. Or not show events.

Single Item Box

Just like lists, you can also create just one category item box, which can also -optionally- lead to slidein events. Or as intro box for a category item.

Number of Months for Events

By default list items or items calculate events for 12 upcoming months and this can be changed easily via shortcode options.


Latest Version 0.12

Release Date July 18th, 2016

Last Updated 2021-1-19

Requirements EventON

Other Information Changelog

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