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EventON 2.4.7 & Addons

Published on: October 10,2016

We recently released eventON 2.4.7 version update fixing bunch of bugs we had encountered from our customers.

One of the biggest differences is that we have changed the way location and organizer taxonomy meta data is saved. We have now switching to one wordpress option as oppose to creating individual option for each taxonomy. Once you update to new version your existing location and organizer taxonomy data should automatically convert into to new system during the update process.

So this change effects several addons, and we have already released an updates to those effected addons. Below are the addons effected by the change to location and oragnizer taxonomies: CSV Impoter, ICS Impoter, Tickets, & Lists & Items addon. So make sure you grab those latest versions from

You can check the entire eventON changelog here.


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