New fonts on eventon and switching to Oswald

Published on: January 25,2017

In Eventon 2.5 we changed out primary calendar font from Oswald to Roboto. This was a decision we made to keep eventON with current design trends. But we are aware that some people are still in love with our old font – Oswald which is more boxier than Roboto. Which look like the below:


Changing back to Oswald

If you are on eventON 2.5 and would like to go back to our old styles here is how to do it.

Go into eventON settings > Appearance  under Primary Calendar Font Family type in oswald (Oswald font family is still supported in new eventon version so switching to that font family would still work)

We have also included secondary font family which is used in things like subtitles etc.

Switching to Oswald may make your font weight thicker than you like in which case you can apply the below styles to eventon settings > Styles

Making those changes will make your calendar look like the below image:



Once all this changes are done be sure to clear cache in your website and browser for the changes to reflect on the frontend.

If there are other styles that you would like to change please follow this guide to changes those styles.

Change Calendar Styles


  1. JEnnifer says:

    I have a problem withe the basic calender. Event are not shown. I checked the settings. There is NO “only logged in users” set.
    I can`t log in with my purchase code i bought the Theme “mycity” were the calender is incl.
    How can i make the event visible for not logged in user ?????

    1. Ashan Jay says:

      Please post your questions via helpdesk at

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