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EventON Purchase key is required for support

Published on: April 29,2016

In recent times we had lot of people who purchase a theme that we have approved to include eventON, request support for eventON. As mentioned by that theme, you are required to purchase EventON regardless whether it came with a theme or not – in order to request support from our support team.

Purchase of EventON main plugin is required in order to request support from codecanyon message board or our official Help Desk.

In order to register for our official support forum for eventon, you will need a valid purchase key for EventON. Registering for support forum need EventON (main plugin) purchase key, NOT addon license key. Some people seems to have got these confused. You can verify your purchase key here.  — How to find my Purchase Key

I hope this clears out any doubt some of our new customers had with EventON and using our support system.



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