New EventON, ActionUser and RSVP addon

Published on: April 27,2016

As you may already know we have released EventON 2.3.21 last week. There wasnt any major additions it was mostly fixed past bugs with the plugin. However this new update made some changes necessary for us to release the new ActionUser and RSVP addon.

ActionUser addon

We did some great improvements for actionUser and lot of old bugs resolved. ActionUser can now support fields for RSVP and ticket addons and we are hoping to improve on this in the future with the pluggable hooks that are now in place.

complete ActionUser changelog


RSVP Addon

Lots of past bugs have been fixed in RSVP addon. Now the RSVP form can support upto 5 additional custom fields. You can hook into this using below code to increase this to even more custom fields. And all these fields are compatible all across the entire addon including CSV download.

Another cool feature is now you can get a direct URL to an eventpage (created using single events addon) that have name parameters and those will prefill the RSVP form auto matically.


We have also added EventTop tags for when the event is closed or there are no spaces left. This can be turned off from RSVP settings > EventTop Data for RSVP.

Rest of the update is lot of bug fixes really ironing out the errors to make RSVP addon a better experience for you guys.

complete rsvp changelog




  1. gregers says:

    I have Eventon 2.3.5 installed.
    I have just bought a Action user license to multiple sites.
    But the addon plugin says I need Eventon 2.3.21
    Please send me a download link to a version of the addon that is fine with my 2.3.5 version of eventon
    I trried to raise it in the supportforum but the problem is still unresolved
    My preferred email is

    1. Ashan Jay says:

      Latest version of eventon is 2.3.21 which is newer than 2.3.5.

  2. Phillip says:

    Okay, boys, I think I just discovered the source of about 80% of your support related problems as they relate to the the growing list of, “eventON won’t update” support questions.

    In Ashan’s reply above he states that, “2.3.21 is newer than 2.3.5”.

    Now, I willingly admit that I’m not a programmer, and I may be missing something simple here, and I did go to Lewisville High School (some things we have no control over!) but I’m pretty sure of a couple of things:

    1. Most software update numbers increase over time, and
    2. “2.3.21” is a smaller number than “2.3.50”.

    I just spent over an hour of my precious Saturday morning, get caught up when no one is bothering me” time trying to figure out why the new add-on plugin I just bought is throwing off the dreaded, “EventON (plugin name you just bought goes here)is enabled but not effective. EventON version is older than what is needed for this add-on. Please update EventOn.”

    1. I bought and downloaded my copy of EventON from the Envato site. I just checked my original download file and it was/is v. 2.3.2.
    2. Installed it and I believe I updated the plugin immediately from within the WP interface, and everything worked just fine. The update produced the version, 2.3.9, fyi, and, yes, I am positive!

    After reading Ashan’s reply above, here’s what I did:

    3. Deleted the EventON plugin v.2.3.9 from my WP installation.
    4. Re-installed the original download files, v.2.3.2.
    5. Attempted to update the installation, just to see what would happen (update to 2.3.9??). No update.
    6. Installed/activated my purchased Tickets add-on and all appears to be installed happily. No “wrong version” message.

    Summary: I spent an hour searching for an update for EventON with a number greater than 2.3.9, to no avail, because apparently 2.3.21 is a larger number than 2.3.9x!!

    Please, either straighten me out on the numbering system applied to releases, or fess up to the rest of us out here where YOU went to high school!! 😉 (Just trying to protect someone else’s precious Saturday “catch-up time”)


    1. Ashan Jay says:

      Philip, Thanks for the message. But when you said you searched for eventon version, codecanyon should have the latest version in your download there shouldnt be a need to search for versions in there. As far as version numbers, the 3rd decimal place is not 9x its just one integer as a whole. Here is a link I found about version comparison When it says 2.3.5 it doesnt mean 2.3.50 it means just 5, and 5 is smaller than 21. Hope this make sense.

  3. warren says:

    Hi Ashan

    Just purchased the Action User add on and need to allow users to add an event but associated with a specific category.

    I have around 5 calendars with each one showing a specific category, hence making them separate and exclusive.

    For example:

    [add_eventon_fc cal_id=”1″ event_type_1=”35″ ]

    If the full cal of calendar number 1.

    Any ideas?



  4. warren says:

    Dont worry, got it!

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