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New EventON, ActionUser and RSVP addon

Published on: April 27,2016

As you may already know we have released EventON 2.3.21 last week. There wasnt any major additions it was mostly fixed past bugs with the plugin. However this new update made some changes necessary for us to release the new ActionUser and RSVP addon.

ActionUser addon

We did some great improvements for actionUser and lot of old bugs resolved. ActionUser can now support fields for RSVP and ticket addons and we are hoping to improve on this in the future with the pluggable hooks that are now in place.

complete ActionUser changelog


RSVP Addon

Lots of past bugs have been fixed in RSVP addon. Now the RSVP form can support upto 5 additional custom fields. You can hook into this using below code to increase this to even more custom fields. And all these fields are compatible all across the entire addon including CSV download.

function fieldcount($count){
	// type in the number of total fields you want instead
	return 7;

Another cool feature is now you can get a direct URL to an eventpage (created using single events addon) that have name parameters and those will prefill the RSVP form auto matically.


We have also added EventTop tags for when the event is closed or there are no spaces left. This can be turned off from RSVP settings > EventTop Data for RSVP.

Rest of the update is lot of bug fixes really ironing out the errors to make RSVP addon a better experience for you guys.

complete rsvp changelog



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