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EventON 2.3.6 & New ActionUser addon

Published on: July 12,2015

Hey guys I really appreciate your patients with the new update for actionUser it took us sometime but this update is packed with so many new things that some of you have been asking for. The new update which we released couple of weeks ago is required for new actionUser update.


EventON Update

There wasn’t a huge deal of improvements with this update. The major improvement was adding the AJDE library for eventON this will help us scale eventON easier in the future versions. It helps us with eventon settings and other various wp-admin features like shortcode generator, lightbox etc.


ActionUser version 1.8

As you can see in the new updated actionUser addon page (new graphics on the page btw)

— there are a lot of improvements to this addon. One of the main ones is front-end editing for submitter with the new event manager page. It took a lot of coding to fine tune all these changes. Please look through the new stuff in changelog for actionUser. Make sure to back-up files before updating.

ActionUser Changelog


Next up we are hoping to knock down RSVP, Tickets, and single event addon updates and those are also going to be major updates. I hope you guys will enjoy the new additions to actionUser addon and stay tune for future updates.

I also want to say, please don’t contact us via facebook page. Please use the support forum, twitter or codecanyon page mentioned in here

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