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4.2 Big Update

Published on: October 24,2022

Much appreciate your patience in waiting for this update which we promised with several patch fixes – so thank you!

The 4.2 update brings many intricate changes to EventON calendar and its system and the aesthetics of the calendar as we move into a new phase of EventON design.


Big Back-end UI Design Changes

New Settings design that will be universal for eventON and its addons and will be adopted by the addons in the coming weeks.

Edit event page design has also been changed slightly to match Block editor design.

New Default Font Family

We are moving away from open sans and roboto to a more bold font family in Montserrat and Noto sans. Of course this can be changed to your desired font via settings.

New High Contrast Colors

We are also switching to very high contract font colors for calendar header from our faded title colors as we find this to be more suited for current design trends. As always colors, can be easily editted via Appearance Settings.


New Single Event Page Only Style : Immersive Flow

This style is only available in single event page at the moment. It will immerse with the background color of the page and will look as if the event is part of your website.


Customizable Linkable No Events Box

You can now customize the no events box with subtitle and have it linked to a custom link. We are hoping to add addon support for this in the future. So the no events can be linked to add new event form via ActionUser Addon. etc.

Load Google Maps On Events Dynamically


function will allow you to run the function on event google map DOM element and generate the map at later point when page is loaded.

Filtering in Standalone Search Box

Searching via standalone search box will now support sorting and filtering as well.


Filter Improvement

We added clear filter and filter indications when events are filtered by the user on front-end.


New Organizer Info Lightbox

We’ve added a new learn more button that can open a lightbox with more information about the event organizer! This lightbox is similar to an organizer archive page, at the moment and we are hoping to improve this further and allow addons to add information here as well.

This organizer details can also be opened from eventtop organizer name.


Multiple Organizers for an Event

4.2 support setting multiple organizers for an event. Using our generalized taxonomy selector that we are using for location, multi data types and organizers in 4.2


Updated Related Events Design

We also made minor design adjustments to related events so they stand better with the rest of the event details.

Various Other Improvements

We have fixed various bugs and have made various improvements to several parts of the calender from front-end perspective as well as from a coding point of view.


We feel very excited about the changes we were able to make to EventON and we look forward to making many more improvements as wordpress moving towards Block editor.


From the sweet spot of the Universe!



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