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Health Guidelines for EventON in 3.0

Published on: October 26,2020

Release Notes

We have released the version 3.0 big update to eventON end of last week with several major updates. During the current global situation, the health of humans are vitally... [...]

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Virtual Events, Gutenberg and other recent updates to EventON

Published on: June 16,2020

Release Notes

In version 2.8.9 we took steps to include virtual event support for EventON calendar events. Since then we have been working on improving the virtual events feature and making... [...]

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EventON 2.8.7 & New Event Statuses

Published on: March 24,2020

Release Notes

First of all we are deeply sorry for those who are effected by the COVID19 virus around the world. We are seeing lot of events being cancelled or postponed... [...]

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Release Notes EventON 2.8.4

Published on: December 12,2019

Release NotesUpdate

Hey guys, wanted to update you on the new release which is a minor update to 2.8.3 version and the 2.8 version of eventON. This update contain lot of... [...]

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