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Release Notes EventON 2.8.4

Published on: December 12,2019

Hey guys, wanted to update you on the new release which is a minor update to 2.8.3 version and the 2.8 version of eventON.

This update contain lot of fixes, below are a couple.

FIXED: We have fixed the event date not saving correctly when the date format is custom. And with custom date format when start date is set end date getting reset

FIXED: Language values not passing on to new months

We have also added a beta version of click on events open single event page in new window using shortcode value passed to calendnar. Using shortcode ux_val=’4a’

Complete changelog



  1. Dan says:

    Thank you for adding the ability to drag and drop scheduled events. Makes it much easier to add new time slot events w/o having retype anything.

    Cheers, Dan

  2. Manolo says:

    I love how EventOn is progressing… and how it s developing addons ( i ve bought 3 of them)

    I wonder if you can improve the “ADD single event” short code.

    at the moment if you want to add a single event you have a drop down menu and then you have to choose the event like this
    but the problem is that i ve like 300 events and sometimes is not fun to find the right one.
    I see you are already using an autocompile form on “location” – it would be nice to use the same script to find the right event.



    1. Ashan Jay says:

      Thank you Manolo for the idea we will def look into this for future update 🙂

  3. sabine says:

    How do I update the plugin on my WP-Account? This is really difficult to navigate on your site. 🙁

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