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ICS Importer

Easily import events from ICS event file source into eventON calendar from iCal, Outlook or Google Calendar.


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What's Included

1- year of addon updates

1- year of support

Requirements & Details

Latest Version 2.0.2

Release Date August 22nd, 2016

Last Updated 2024-1-3

Requirements EventON, PHP 8.0+

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ICS ImporterAddon for EventON


Single Site Single SiteUp to 25 Sites2-5 Sites

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Import Events using .ics files

ICS importer supports all default ICS file event fields and have pluggable functions to extend additional custom fields for importing additional data from ics files.

Import Seamlessly

Use a local ICS file upload or grab from an external source to import events into your website using a ICS file with ICS Importer addon.

Simple Upload Process

If you are choosing to upload a ICS file, you can use the easy to use upload file form to load the ICS file and have it processed via seamless ajax processors.

Import From External Sources

Grab events from external .ics sources and easily import those events into your website.

Auto Schedule Imports

Set up auto scheduled imports using external ICS file URLs on set schedule times. Using a UID you can also sync already imported events.

Timezone Settings

Configure to use your website timezone or use from ICS file, or set up a custom timezone value to use for the entire ICS file so the events are correctly imported to your website.

Publish Imported Events

By default events are saved as drafts and can be config to publish right away.

Sync Already Imported Events

Configure in settings to sync the event data for already imported events using UID value from the ICS file from external sources.

Detect All Day Events

Configure to auto detect if the event is all day event.

Interactive Imported Events List

Easily select deselect imported events or edit the times from the imported events list. You can also see which informations are imported.

More Options to Configure Imported Events

Open more options side panel to further edit the imported events, such as adjust the time with +1 hour or set user interaction value to all the imported events.

Instant Import Results

Run the importing process and get instant feedback of the results. Results will add direct links to events within the website that are created.

Disclaimer: This addon currently does not support importing repeating events from google cal ICS

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