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RSS Feed

Add RSS Feed to your eventON calendar and help your customers stay updated with new events.


Single Site Single SiteUpto 5 SitesUpto 25 Sites

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1- year of addon updates

1- year of support

Requirements & Details

Latest Version 1.1.6

Release Date 2015-2-16

Last Updated August 11, 2023

Requirements EventON

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All license types are billed yearly. You may cancel your subscription at any time from My Account and are subject to yearly license for support and updates. View Terms.

RSS FeedAddon for EventON


Single Site Single Site2-5 SitesUp to 25 Sites

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Keep Your Visitors Updated of Events

Use RSS feed addon to create real-time updated feed of your events.

Add RSS feed Button to Any Calendar

You can add the RSS feed link button to any eventON calendar on your website.

Customize the Feed Link

The default /evofeed link can be easily customized to your desired link slug.

Sort Feed Events

Sort RSS feed events by event published date or by event start time.

RSS Feed Settings

Customize the RSS feed settings to fit your desired values using the various available options. You can also customize the feed main URL and generate event type based urls.

XML Feed File

RSS Addon will generate a formatted XML feed file that is readable for RSS Readers, including all the necessary XML properties.

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