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Event Tickets Addon v 1.0

Published on: October 21,2014

Hello guys, I am super excited to introduce you the newest release of the event tickets addon. I took down all your requests and issues and spend considerable amount of time including those into the addon and making it ever so great.


What is new?

Your customers can now buy tickets from repeating events

The dates for repeating events are passed on to the cart. So you and your customer will know exactly for which event in that repeating sequence they bought the ticket for.




Several Additions to Event Ticket Settings

You can now make the ticket go out of stock direct from event-edit page event ticket settings box. Show remaining tickets now has the option to show remaining count after a certain number of tickets sold. I have also fixed the sold individually setting that was broken before.




Check-in attendance by each ticket

From Events > All Event Tickets


You can now easily check-in guests at the event by each individual ticket and you can do this from all tickets page as well as event edit page. This beautifully crafted Edit-event ticket page makes it easy to see all the information you need about a ticket order and now you can also check-in attendance.



Re-send Event Ticket Email


From Edit-event tickets page now you can re-send ticket confirmation email with ticket IDs.


Some of the other featured added in this version are..

  • SKU and event start date is now added to cart ticket titles to make them separate in case you have similar event names.
  • You can now search event tickets by ticket ID in the wp-admin
  • Add to cart notification banner styles can now be edited from myeventon-> settings > appearance
  • Event tickets addon is now sync with Woocommerce settings for redirect after adding to cart
  • Order item quantity is fixed also to show correct values



So guys this is a huge update to Event Tickets addon and I hope you guys will enjoy this. We have a whole lot of more exciting features plan for next update already. Also QR Code Scan addon for eventon that would work with event ticket addon should be out in the next few days 🙂


  1. Jason says:

    You said “SKU and event start date is now added to cart ticket titles to make them separate in case you have similar event names.” was added (a long time ago), but that’s not happening for us. What are we not doing right? All I see is the sku. Ex: Italian Cheeses – Tasting and Lecture! (#sku_2690)

    1. Ashan Jay says:

      Make sure you are running the latest tickets addon which is v1.2.6

  2. fabio says:

    QR Code Scan? release news?

  3. Raul says:

    How Can I customize the form to order the tickets? (I want to remove address, city, contry because I am not shipping anything, just selling tickets for events)


    1. Ashan Jay says:

      Those fields are created by woocommerce so if you search for any woocommerce checkout form customizer plugins those would work for tickets addon as well 🙂

  4. Raul says:

    Thanks Ashan, I found Checkout Field Editor plugin, the basic is free but it is enought for doing what I need,

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