Eventon 2.2.10 is out

Published on: May 5,2014

Hi guys wanted to let you know of the big news of the day — eventON 2.2.10 is out now. I know lot of you have been waiting for this update and sorry for taking a long time to get it out there. Its available on autoupdate right now and in approval process for codecanyon.


What’s new?

There are a lot of fixes and additions to eventON this time around. Couple of major improvements are:


EventCard time format for events can now be customized to whatever you desire.


Month name in 3 letters is a default field now and if an event goes for more than one month the end date will have month name of next month under the date now.

You can also add custom meta fields into eventTop now. (above image: show times)


Add to calendar buttons got a little face lift and I have added a new add to google calendar button – which will add your events into google calendar in a new window.


Sort options section also got a new face lift. I had couple of people mention the way it was built before was not consistent and I have made new changes to match the sort and filtering section more in the lines of rest of the calendar.


Other new features added:

  • Accordion like feature for events list to close open events when you click new events
  • wp-admin events page now can order events by event location column
  • Ability to allow open in new window for custom meta field buttons
  • One letter month names for month jumper have been added to languages for translation
  • You can now load calendars sorted by either date or title on load
  • Featured events only calendars are now allowed


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