EventON 2.2.24

Published on: February 9,2015

Hey guys, long time since the last news update as you can see we have been busy planning 2015 for eventON and its addon and beyond.

With this update to EventON several important things were added.

1. Couple of new widgets

I know some of you wanted to show upcoming events in the widget and it was proving little confusing so we included several new widgets for upcoming list and event type only events calendars.

2. Ultra repeater

This is a huge addition. I admin before this our repeating feature for events werent that strong.


The new custom repeat feature push this to new heights. You can use the default monthly, weekly, and yearly repeats to generate a base for repeating values and switch to custom method and then now you can take out of add custom repeat times that does not have to follow the schemes.

We are also including the dailyRepeat addon in the base plugin now allowing you to repeat events daily.

I hope you find this very exciting as we take eventon further to greater heights.

3. Feature Events

You can now feature events direct from the event edit page.


I know this was a very basic thing that was missing. But now its added into the event edit page for easy featuring of events.

4. Activation System Update

I know this is a very heated topic in our forum. To give you a little inside view, what was happening was eventon users using our update server immensely to check for updates availability have caused major issues in our server and we had to shut that down. So now we are splitting this into  5 different locations and eventON will only run update checker every 24 hours.

Also the activation of eventON and its plugins has been moved into the plugin so it doesn’t use our server resources anymore. This should make the activation process seamless from now on.


The new update also include several other bug fixes and updates to code to support several future features we are working on which are still in test stages 🙂

6 comments on “EventON 2.2.24

  1. aditya says:

    sir, i alrady activating my eventon & those addon with the correct serial keys, and its all done succesfully


    after i refresh and back to the panel, it going back to “ACTIVATE NOW” condition.

    whats wrong?

    BigThx in advance

    1. Ashan Jay says:

      please check with our forum https://support.ashanjay.com/forum/eventon/ we have fix for this.

  2. Rob says:

    how do i update to this version? there is no update in my plugin??

      1. miranda says:

        Lovely, but doesn’t work. Really frustrated. 2.2.19 will not run the new full cal plugin, I need 2.2.24 I assume, but it will not install, every time I try it reverts to 2.2.19

        Suspect you know that already, so how about a fix?

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