EventON 2.2.5 and important notice

Published on: January 27,2014

Hey guys, as promised to some of you on the codecanyon and google forum I have an update to eventON ready to go today. Just like last times, this update is still awaiting approval from codecanyon but its available right away via auto update.

First of all I want to apologize on the slow load times you are experiencing on eventON last version due to our dynamic styles that relied on admin_ajax.php wordpress file. I have stepped away from this and we are now using WP_Filesystem() to create a tangible CSS file with dynamic styles that is compressed and is loaded right on page load without using any AJAX calls.


Important notice:

When you update to new eventON you will need to go to myEventon> Appearance  and click save to generate that dynamic styles file. If you dont do this your calendar will look like something else.


What’s new

Ok now to exciting part, this update primarily focus on fixing minor issues we had with eventON. 3rd custom meta field for events is now working fine. You can also set custom meta fields to be WYSIWYG fields or single line text. This should give you a little more versatility as far as what data can be saved into custom meta fields.


On Other News

Along with this I am also releasing updates to FullCal, DailyView, and Single Events. So please be sure to update those addons from my account. I am working on an update to ActionUser at the moment and hoping to have it available for you later this week.

I am also working on re-launching a re-constructed geoMaps possibly in next month along with this, I am also planning to release 2 new addons. I greatly appreciate your patience with this update and your continued interest in eventON.



  1. OxideAdmin says:

    When I go into My Account to get the latest Daily View Addon download – there is nothing to download – any ideas please?

  2. Maléa says:

    Sorry but many bug

    1. adminAJDEp says:

      Please do tell me what issues you are having?

  3. Maléa says:

    I have no color on the event’s day on the full add on

  4. Maléa says:

    and the number of events is the double of the good number

    1. adminAJDEp says:

      I am really sorry you are experiencing these issues, could you please post a link to your site on to our support forum? https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/myeventon

  5. Maléa says:

    https://www.fazetek.org/cal/ to see the problem. I leave a message in the forum.

    1. adminAJDEp says:

      Thanks for your message on the forum, let me follow you up from there.

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