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EventON 2.5.5 & Updates Day

Published on: July 7,2017

As I have promised some of you, we have released the new eventon 2.5.5 version update earlier this week. Lot of bugs have been address in this version you can check the complete log here.

Updates Day

Today literary was an updates day. We have released updates to big 3 addons: ActionUser, RSVP and Tickets. Updates were also released for dailyview, ics importer and csv importer. We have promised the updates to big 3 addons to several customers. And we have also been updating customer sites who had issues with beta versions of those addons. Now they are finalized and released for rest of the eventON gang.

Once again addon updates address bug fixes, updates and minor additions. Nothing of drastic additions. But lay foundation for future cool stuff.

With ICS importer we implemented for the first time exporting from external source on automatic schedule using CRON jobs, which is exciting.

Since v2.5.5

We have already realized a small bug with new version that will only effect dailyView users. Which can be fixed with this patch.


replace this file to …/eventon/includes/ folder


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