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EventON updates to 2.1.19

Published on: October 12,2013

We have just released the eventON 2.1.19 update with several exciting features and fixed to issues.


What’s New

WP time format based backend time selection

Backend time selection for an event now changes to 24 hour format or 12 hour format with AM and PM based on your preferences on WP Settings.


New popup box for events

We added a new option for how an event should be viewed — as a popup box within the window.


Hide end time of an event

You can now hide the end time of an event from the calendar. For those of you that have events with only a start time can now use this to show just the start time of an event.


Hide multiple occurrences of events on upcoming list

Upcoming list is a popular usage method of eventON, we have now made it possible to hide multiple occurrences of an event that spread across several months and just show it once on the first occurrence.


Other Updates

  • All Events page on admin now changes the time based on WP time format
  • FIXED: shortcode button adding multiples of shortcodes to WYSIWYG editor
  • FIXED: shortcode popup box appearing empty on second occasion
  • FIXED: CSS sort options button overlapping
  • FIXED: Upcoming list featured image expanding issues
  • FIXED: Gmaps event Location now works w/o the address in eventTop
  • FIXED: google maps init javascript issue on FF fixed


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