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EventON updates to 2.1.14

Published on: August 6,2013

So I have another update ready for you eventON users after about a month of working on it. This update focused lot on fixing previous errors and some UI updates and improvements on eventON back-end.


What’s New

Flat cleaner UI for buttons




Updates to widget UI – more interactivity

The eventON widget now also support the ability to set fixed month and years on it. The UI is now minimal and the fields and blended into the whole widget space.



Other Updates

  • hide_past=’yes’ ┬áis now supported as a new shortcode variable, which will hide the past event of a calendar without having to set this as global calendar setting.
  • Javascript files that run eventON’s interactivity can now be called at will using wp_enqueue handles.
  • Fixed minor filtering issue with more than one filters running at time.
  • Google maps can now be set to not zoom when scrolling a page down and over a map.
  • I have combined addons and licenses into one section and the addons now pull live data for better way to stay up date with eventON updates.
  • Sorting options are also now moved inside a minimal drop down menu to maintain the minimalistic nature of eventON.


EventON and WordPress 3.6

EventON is tested and compatible with the new version of WordPress 3.6. If you are having any issues chances those issues are caused by other plugins or the theme you are using which may not be compatible with the WordPress 3.6. Sometimes turning on eventON will show these errors and will stop your site from working — which doesn’t always mean the issue is with eventON.

If you are having issues with EventON and WordPress 3.6 here is your check guide: What to check first if you think eventON breaks your site.


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