Next eventON version update in the works

Published on: January 8,2014


Hope everyone had a great new years and ready to rock 2014 because eventON is! There is a huge list of things I want to add to eventON within the next couple of weeks and release an update before the end of January.


Slight re-brand

thumb_2.1.16I dont know if you all remember our version 2.1 icon for Codecanyon, that was a really cool icon with very 3D like design. ¬†After this one the current icon and the one before – I wasn’t 100% sold I keep feeling like the icon is missing something. So I took the time to re-design the icon around a new logo symbol for eventON (As you can see above)


If you were wondering, the number 12 in the logo – I wanted it to symbolize the beginning of the basic numeric sequence. 1, 2, 3, …. I wanted it to mean that this is a snap of more things that is there– 12 is what you see at first (the eventTop) but if you click further there is the rest of the sequence (the eventCard)


Whats cooking?

One point of this blog post is to inform dear eventON users of what we are doing here with regards to the improvement of eventON plugin itself. For the next update,

  • I am working on improving the speed of eventON
  • Increase the usability of the plugin itself
  • Improvements to mobile version of eventON
  • Add more customizability to the plugin

are among lot of things that I am hoping to include in the next update.


Also please feel free to voice your issues and suggestions and what not for eventON in our free google forum at anytime!forum/myeventon


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