Update for EventON

Published on: November 10,2014

Hi guys wanted to write a quick update about EventON and its addon and future plans. Following the EventON 2.2.20 update and major updates to EventTickets, RSVP and QR Codes addons we have been helping you guys fine tune issues with these addons via our forum. — which is our official support forum now. If you have any further issues with EventON or its addons please use our forum for all your questions.

We know the forum was having issues sending out password emails and feel free to tweet us your username via @myeventon and we will recover your pass for the forum.

I also want to thank you for your support and giving us great ideas for improvement within EventON our to-do list for EventON and its addons have a lot of really great things added in there. We are hoping to get run through this list and further fine tune EventON and EventON addons in the coming months going into 2015.

Couple of major items we want to address are:  Events Map re-do, Event Location Profiles, Releasing the New theme for EventON and there are several in this list. I hope you guys will enjoy what’s left to come in the coming months.

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