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QR Code addon for EventON is the next step in checking-in attendance at your next event. You can use your own smart phone and look cool doing so.


Single Site Single SiteUpto 5 SitesUpto 25 Sites

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What's Included

1- year of addon updates

1- year of support

Requirements & Details

Latest Version 2.0.3

Release Date 2014-10-22

Last Updated 2024-6-6

Requirements Tickets Addon or RSVP Addon

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QR CodeAddon for EventON


Single Site Single Site2-5 SitesUp to 25 Sites

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Embedded QR Codes

QR Codes will be embedded direct into confirmation tickets sent out to your customers

Mobile Friendly Check-in

QR Code check-in is fully functional in mobile platforms with beautiful clean check-in page design

Scan Easily

Use your mobile phones build in QR Code scanner in camera or use a Scanner gun to checkin guests at the gates.

Admin & Selected Roles Can Check-in Attendees

You can select which user roles have the permission to scan guests at the gate. No one else can cheat and get in for free!

Tickets Or RSVP

QR Codes require either RSVP addon or EventTickets addon to work as it will embed QR codes into those tickets

Other Ticket Information

When you scan a ticket you will see various other information such as ticket holder name, event name, quantity of tickets in the order and event type category.

Checkin or Uncheck

You can easily scan a QR Code and checkin guests and scan checked guests and have the option to uncheck them.

Check Other Tickets on Same Order

For eventon tickets scanning, if the ticket you scan was ordered with other tickets in the same order you can check-in those tickets from the same screen without having to scan individual ticket.

Various Ticket Data At a Glance

On the checkin page, easily find various other ticket related information quickly. Also support Booking, Seats, and Variation & Options Addons data visible at checkin page to assist your attendance quickly.

Other Exciting Features

Use any Page to Checkin

Drop checkin page shortcode into any page you desire to convert that page into your ticket checkin page.

Multiple Scanning Modes

Supports QR Scanner Gun or Mobile phone scanning modes

Encrypted Tickets

Encrypted ticket numbers in EventON Tickets addon is supported with QR Code scanning.

Store QR Code Images Separately

Since version 2.0, QR Code images are stored in a separate folder. Optionally it can be set to show the QR Code images in media library.

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